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Five Crucial Home Selling Decisions if You Want to Sell in 2015

If you’re planning on selling your home in 2015 there are five crucial decisions that can
help you maximize your sale price, get your home sold quickly and do it all without the
mountain of stress that often comes with the sale of your home.


Decision #1Decide to prepare sooner than later. Home sellers who wait until spring to get their home “ready” are already behind the curve. The real estate year is in full swing by March 1st and homes that sell quickly and for top dollar during the “selling season”are the homes where the owner had a plan, got their home ready, staged, and listed early in the year.

Decision #2 – Decide to prepare yourself emotionally. Selling your home can be very emotional. When you receive an offer for less than you think your home is worth, itgenerates a whole host of negative emotions. You can feel angry, frustrated, and think everyone is trying to steal your home from you.

Well, they’re not. Buyers just want to know they’re getting the best price. We all feel similar when we make a big purchase. So be careful to manage your emotions. And if you get a “low-ball” offer rely on the help of a trusted professional. A good agent can often gently negotiate the price into a range where everyone wins. The key is to keep your emotional swings in check

Decision #3 – Be realistic and price your home accordingly.


One of the big keys to getting your home sold quickly, for the most money, is pricing it correctly.
If you price your home too high, thinking you’ll “test the market,” it can be costly. Your home can sit on the market too long and get labeled as a “no-need-to-show” because you’re viewed as
being unrealistic.
You see it all the time. Sellers think they are going to “hold out” and get a better price.
Well, you need to consider how soon you want to sell? The reality is you can get just
about any price you want if you’re willing to wait long enough. If you wait 5-7 years
your home will very likely sell for a more than it will today. But if you want to sell in 90-
120 days for top dollar, pricing is a crucial issue that you should discuss at length with a
trusted real estate professional.

Decision #4 – Reconcile reality quickly.
z60.jpgThis is somewhat similar to decision #2, but it’s 
actually more practical and actionable. Emotions can be hard to define and control, like in point #2. But what is fairly easy to judge is your market’s numbers, and the realities of value. Agents always hear things like, “But my home has this, this and this. Therefor it should be worth a lot more.” In theory that’s somewhat true. However, the reality you have to be prepared to reconcile is, if people won’t pay more for those things, it doesn’t make your home worth more.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to soften you up so you give your home away. The goal is to help you get the highest possible price, in the shortest time, with the fewest hassles. But something that’s very important to deal with is reality, not wishful thinking. Wishful thinking backs tens of thousands of home sellers into very difficult positions every year.
Having a clear objective view of reality, as well as a trusted professional to help guide you through the emotional ups and downs, can help you avoid a massive mountain of emotional stress, while your home just sits on the market. My encouragement is, prepare yourself for the true realities, while maintaining highstandards throughout the process. It’s a balancing act that with the help of a trusted professional can be far easier to navigate.

Decision #5 – Trust your gut. When interviewing agents there are few things more
important than a deep level of trust between you and the agent you choose to
represent you. And trust comes in two crucial parts. The first is professional competency.
To trust someone with what is likely the single biggest financial transaction of your life,
you need to have confidence that the agent you choose has the skills, technology and
ability to fight hard and win what’s in your best interests. That’s why choosing someone
just because they’re a “friend of the family” isn’t always the best choice.
The second layer of trust is personal. When you work with someone on something as
important as the sale of your home, you need to know you can trust that person
You need to feel a deep sense of confidence that your agent puts your needs in front of
their own. It’s not about flash and glitter, or how many homes that agent sold. What’s                     
important is, “Can I trust this person with my financial future?”
That’s where “listen to your gut” comes in. most of us can sense authenticity and
integrity. It comes out in many ways and generally when you’re in the presence of it you
know in your gut. Sometimes the person might be a little quirky, other times they’re not,
but again it’s not about flash and charisma.

The bottom line, choose someone you trust on both a professional and personal level and go with your gut. 
I hope you found these suggestions helpful. Selling your home is a life altering series of
decisions. The better prepared you are to make those decisions effectively, the better the end result.


And as always, if there is anything at all I can do to help you, please feel free to call me
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